Your Orthodontic Consultation

What to expect at your Orthodontic Consultation appointment?

You may desire a consultation with a view to having orthodontic treatment, or for a second opinion, or just to see what options are available for improving your smile. The purpose of your consultation appointment is to listen to your views and concerns about your bite and dental appearance, and to understand what you would like achieve from orthodontic treatment. We will of course advise you on the different possible orthodontic treatment options which are suitable for you.

You will have 2 separate appointments with a Specialist Orthodontist.

1st Orthodontic Appointment

The 1st appointment involves a comprehensive dental and orthodontic examination followed by diagnostic records. Diagnostic records usually include photographs of your teeth and jaws, impressions of your teeth for plaster study models and radiographs (x-rays) if required. These records will help your orthodontist fully diagnose the underlying problems with your bite, and formulate a customised treatment plan which aims to straighten your teeth perfectly, improve your bite and give you an attractive smile. These records are also helpful in tracking the progress of treatment as your teeth move during orthodontic treatment.

2nd Orthodontic Appointment

After we have analysed your diagnostic records, we will consult with you regarding your possible treatment options in detail.  You will have ample opportunity to get answers to any questions which you may have in order to make an informed decision regarding orthodontic treatment. Fees will also be discussed, as well as payment options.  If you decide to proceed with orthodontic treatment, we will arrange the necessary appointments to start your treatment.

How much does an Orthodontic Consultation cost?

The Orthodontic Consultation fee including both visits is £80.

About Dr Andy Garry, our Orthodontic Specialist

Andy is a dentist who has undertaken specialist training in Orthodontics. Since graduating in 2008 from Dublin dental hospital he gained a broad and varied experience in all fields of dentistry with a particular focus on Orthodontics.

Andy’s passion has always been for Orthodontics, and in 2012 he was offered a position on the prestigious Orthodontic Specialist training programme at the University of Liverpool. He was also an honorary clinical lecturer and involved in the teaching of dental undergraduate students.

When completing specialist training all orthodontists have to sit national final exams. Andy was awarded the 2015 William Houston Gold Medal for achieving the highest mark out of all the orthodontists sitting the exams in the UK, Australia and UAE.

On top of his specialist training he also obtained a Doctorate in Orthodontics at Liverpool University Dental Hospital which has provided him with a high level of knowledge on treating complex and difficult cases.

Andy has received many national awards from the British Orthodontic Society for his research into Tooth decay in orthodontic patients. These include the 2014 JJ Thompson research prize and the 2016 Houston Postgraduate scholar award. Andy has presented his research at both a national and international level and his work has been published in an international orthodontic journal.

Andy will be providing a wide range of Orthodontic treatments at Rose Lane Dental Practice including conventional metal fixed braces, clear fixed braces, 6 Month Smiles®, and removable orthodontic aligners (Invisalign® and Autograph).”

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