Intravenous (IV) Sedation

At Rose Lane Dental Practice we aim to provide treatment for our patients under comfortable and relaxed circumstances. We understand that a visit to the Dentist can be a nerve racking and worrying time.  In some circumstances patients may feel that they cannot face the dental treatment necessary and would rather suffer the pain of toothache than seek advice and treatment.

Intravenous Sedation is available to those patients who cannot tolerate the dental treatment under normal circumstances. It is a way of relaxing the patient and most people find that this is a pleasant and acceptable way of receiving treatment. The sedation agent is administered through an injection in the back of the hand or forearm (intravenous sedation). Once feeling drowsy and sufficiently relaxed, the mouth is numbed using a local anaesthetic and the dental work is commenced.

During the procedure the patient feels peaceful and largely unaware of what is going on; in fact many patients do not remember anything about their treatment. At the end of the session the patient will be allowed to recover until fit enough to be discharged home with their escort.

Sedation is excellent for providing routine treatment for the nervous patient. It is also an option for regular patients having any invasive/unpleasant procedures.If you wish any further information about the availability and cost of this service please ask your dentist.

Karen Swanson and Tamasine Stephenson are both experienced Sedation Dentists.

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