Dental Treatment Fee Guide

New Dental Patient Consultation (includes any required x-rays) £49
Dental Examination £35
Small X-Rays £10
Full Mouth X-Ray (OPG) £35
Hygienist Appointment (20 minute) £44
AirFlow Stain Removal £50
Amalgam Fillings £75-£95
Composite Fillings
Front teeth £95-£195
Back teeth £95-£195
Veneers £350
Incisors & Canines from £270
Premolars from £400
Molars from £450
ROOT CANAL TREATMENT – Dr Blundell and Dr Dodd have their own fees for more complex cases
Routine Extraction from £95
Complicated from £150
Surgical from £300
Acrylic Full/Full from £845
Acrylic Full Upper or Lower from £465
Partial Acrylic Upper or Lower from £300
Cobalt Chrome from £995
Flexible Denture from £650
Tooth Coloured Clasps from £60
3 Levels of Dental Crown are available
Porcelain/Metal Bond from £595
E Max (Ceramic) from £695
Zircon (Ceramic) from £695
Cast Posts from £125
Fibre Posts (and core) from £125
Porcelain Veneer from £595
Porcelain Onlay/Inlay from £595
CEREC – Our digital scanner and on site digital lab mean we can create ceramic reconstructions in one visit
CEREC Inlay from £595
CEREC Crown from £595
BRIDGES per unit
3 levels available fees per unit as for crowns.
Fees Range Between from £595 – £695
Maryland Bridge from £525
3 month temperary bridge from £150
plus £200 deposit towards permanent bridge
Dental Sedation £150/hour
Upper & Lower Tray Bleaching £295
Dental Implant Consultation £49
Problematic Implant Consultation (For patients with pre-existing implants which require attention) £150
Implant Exposure £100
CT Scan (per arch) £95
Cortical bone grafts £950
Single Sinus Graft £1500
Single Implant Placement £1200
Additional Implant Placement £1000
Augmentation £300
Temporary Implant Retained Crown £200
Standard Implant Retained Crown £850
Cosmetic Implant Retained Crown £1050
Single Tooth Replacement from £2300
2 Implants in lower jaw and lower full dentures with anchors from £4000
4 Implants in upper jaw with full upper denture and anchors from £7500
Same day teeth and 4 implants, same day, Fixed acrylic temporary bridge and permanent Metal bridge 6 months later from £13500
Sedation £150 / hour
Implant removal (surgical removal of any problematic implants including any aftercare required) £300 per implant

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