Our Expectations


From our Team

A) Good Communication
Provide a service that is easy to access, friendly, fully informative and easy to understand. All patients will receive a written treatment estimate. Patients will also have access to information which outlines the risks and benefits of their treatment. Information will come in the form of verbal communication from the clinician. This will also be added to via information leaflets and advice given on our website www.roselanedentalpractice.co.uk
Provided we have an up to date contact number, you will receive a text message which reminds you of your appointment in good time.

B) Confidentiality is Vital
Patient confidentiality is respected at all times. As such we cannot discuss treatment, including costs and appointment times of our adult patients with other family members. If you wish to give us authority to discuss any aspect of your dental care with a third party, you should do so in writing or by completing a form at reception.
We will discuss children’s dental care with parents or any registered carer.

C) Record Keeping
We will keep very clear and detailed notes of your treatment. We will also retain any details of conversations you have with our team and any email / written correspondence.
If you request a copy of your notes and / or X-Rays they will be provided within 40 days in line with current guidelines.

D) A Comfortable Environment
Our team is dedicated to ensuring that everyone who walks into our practice feels welcome and comfortable.
In order to make you feel comfortable we will ensure we provide clean, tidy and uncluttered waiting areas. Hot and cold drinks are readily available. We will provide a range of up to date reading material.

E) Managing Emergency Appointment Requests
We will always accommodate you on the same day if you have a dental emergency whenever possible. We consider a dental emergency to be the following:

  • Trauma to the mouth / teeth.
  • Severe tooth pain, swelling, or bleeding.
  • Fractured / broken teeth which are sharp and causing discomfort
  • A broken tooth, crown, bridge, or denture that is clearly visible.

We will ensure all treatment needed is with the same dentist. If treatment is required at short notice and your usual dentist is not available we will offer an alternative dentist.

F) Treatment Quality
We promise to provide you with the best possible standard of treatment set by our profession. We employ a very highly qualified experienced team who are very respected by our profession. Many of our team are involved in the teaching of other dentists at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
Our fees will be transparent and competitive with practices of a comparable standard and we offer payment plans/finance options for the more extensive courses of treatment.

G) Accessible appointments and a flexible appointment system
The practice is open Monday – Friday with varying hours of opening. We offer early morning appointments (7.30 am) and we finish at 7pm on a number of days each week. In addition to this some treatment is also available on a Saturday.

Rose Lane Dental Practice

What we expect from our patients

A) Good Communication
Please let us know in good time of you cannot make an appointment. In the unlikely event that you feel that you need to make a complaint this should be in writing and marked for the attention of Hazel Thomas, Practice Manager. We will acknowledge your complaint but may take up to 14 days to prepare a full written response. We operate a zero tolerance policy to abuse of our Dentists and staff so if you are unhappy about something please endeavour to communicate this in a non-confrontational manner. People shouting or swearing at our staff will be asked to leave the premises or phone calls will be terminated.

B) Confidentiality is Vital
Patient confidentiality is paramount and so please do not cause embarrassment to our team by requesting any clinical or financial information about another adult patient.

C) Record Keeping
It is not possible for our clinicians to have lengthy telephone conversations regarding your treatment as it is not possible for the records of the conversation to be easily transferred to your clinical notes. It is very important that you give a full medical history and details of any medication you take. Should these change in any way, it is important for you to tell your Dentist or Hygienist.

D) A Comfortable Environment
We ask that you please dispose of rubbish in the bins provided and limit mobile phones conversations in the waiting room to a minimum. We politely request that you refrain from putting your feet on the seats.

E) Managing Emergency Appointment Requests
Should you have a dental emergency you will be offered an appointment on the same day so long as you contact us in good time. If you have a dental emergency please contact us via email or telephone so we can arrange your appointment time.
Please understand that our team are highly trained and if your emergency request does not fall under our list of ‘same day emergencies’ you may be offered an appointment on an alternative day. It may be that our reception team need to take your details and then call you back once they have spoken to the dentist in order to accommodate you and so please understand if this is necessary to find a suitable time for you to be seen.
Emergency examinations carry the same fee as a routine examination. It is generally not possible to carry out any permanent treatment at an emergency slot.
We will endeavour to accommodate your emergency appointment at a convenient time but as our dentists are very busy, it may not always be possible to give you a same day appointment at the time you request. If it is a true emergency you may have to make the decision to attend at the time offered or to attend another day.

F) Treatment Quality and Costs
We promise to provide you with the best possible standard of treatment set by our profession. It is very important that if you are going to have difficulty in paying for your treatment costs that this is communicated to us before you have had the treatment.
Our written estimates inform you of what fees are due for each appointment and as such we expect patients to pay for any treatment completed on the day. For any work involving the use of laboratories eg crowns, bridges, dentures, your estimate will inform you of the payment due on the day of impressions to allow us to request the work from the laboratory with the balance being paid once the work is fitted.
Try to take on board any advice we give you, so that you can improve the health of your teeth and smile!

G) Keeping your Appointments
Despite our reminders some patients forget to attend appointments or cancel at short notice. Always try your best to remember your appointment time and arrive punctually. It is your responsibility to remember the appointment that you made and you should not rely on our text reminder service that we provide as a courtesy to our patients. If for any reason you cannot make an appointment, please give us as much notice as possible. As a private practice with no external funding, it is necessary for Rose Lane Dental Practice to cover the running costs of the practice.
If you fail to attend an appointment then there will be a charge equivalent to £10 for every 5 minutes of chair time that was booked.
If you cancel an appointment of less than one hour duration less than 24 hours before then the charge of £10 for every 5 minute appointment will apply.
If you cancel an appointment of an hour or more duration less than 48 hours before then the charge of £10 for every 5 minute appointment will apply.
For appointments 60 minutes or longer a non-refundable deposit of £120.00 is required and at least 48 hours notice will be needed if you are wishing to cancel your appointment or you may be subject to additional charge.
Denplan patients are not required to pay a deposit when booking an appointment. However, are still subject to charge if they failure to attend.
We require all new patients to attend a consultation, the cost of which is £49.00 (specialist consultation fees vary and are listed on our website) and is to be paid when booking the appointment. This is non-refundable and if the appointment is cancelled less than 48 hours prior or you fail to attend your appointment you will be required to pay an additional fee to book another appointment.
We reserve the right to decline an appointment should you arrive too late to be treated. This may result in you being charged for this appointment and it maybe classified as failed to attend.

H) Discount for our Denplan Patients Receiving Private Treatment
10% discount on Implants/cosmetic treatment for Denplan patients is only available to long term patients of the practice that have been registered with us on Denplan for a minimum of 12 months. This does not cover newly registered Denplan patients that have been registered with Denplan before.

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